October 17
	We take the bus to the sit-in at the Oakland Army Induction Center.  
Police merely arrested people yesterday, but now there are hundreds of cops: Oakland, Alameda & State cops with National Guard in reserve.  
	They pace up & down in the parking lot at 15th & Clay, like Marines eager to kill.  More ready in large concrete garage.  They’re ready with clubs & tear gas.  Big sergeant struts back & forth with cigar in his mouth.  

	Cops' faces as they line up at the critical intersections: firm mouths, legs spread, holding clubs across their chests, leather strap attaching clubs to wrists, tension growing as they stand for hours taking abuse.  
One aspect of their faces: behind the anger, I can see that they’d just as soon be home in the rack with the old lady.  Disappoints me some.  I want to see pure hate in their faces.  

	At 7 o’clock the buses begin arriving with the inductees looking out the windows like kids just off the farm.
	Sitters block the door to the Induction Center.  The rest of us flood the street.  The cops form a wedge 10 lines deep.
Even though an official has warned us that we’re disobeying the law, the cops give no warning.  They just start charging down Clay Street, pouring out of the garage as well, swinging clubs & spraying tear gas with smirks on their faces.  
People beaten & dragged through the streets.  Bodies piling up.  Bloody scalps & burning eyes.  
Four or five pick out one kid & attack him, mostly girls attacked.  One kid gets caught, tries to break away, 3 cops pounce on him, clubbing him, then leave him unconscious in gutter.  
Another cop comes along & beats the kid again even though he’s still unconscious.  Then an intern comes along to help the kid & another cop beats the intern.  When people try to help the intern, they’re also beaten.  Finally the kid goes into convulsions.  
26 people hospitalized.  20 arrested.  
	We retreat to Provo Park in Berkeley.  

October 18
	Another picket at the Induction Center this morning.  A throng of 2,500.  91 arrested.  Cops disperse crowd.  
	Then we rally on Berkeley campus.  There’s an injunction against rallies to defy the Draft, but the students hold the rally anyway.  Students gather on Sproul Hall Plaza to listen to speakers on steps.  
Members of the Steering Committee split on whether to go back to Induction Center tomorrow or wait to evaluate what’s happened & make more tactical moves.  
	Another guy comes up to the mike & says we'll organize at Lafayette Park in Oakland at 5 AM, then another says let's wait till Friday.  People hollering "sell-outs!"  
	There’s more talk of violence, one kid jokingly screaming that he’s got the armaments to blow up the Induction Center, put all the cops in prison & take over the state of California.  
Girl starts screaming that we can’t have violence, that we’d only be doing what they’re doing, the same thing we’re trying to stop.  
Blacks screaming, "Man, they beat up your women there!  You're not even mad!  If they beat up your women, think what they do to us?  We're going back to the ghetto.  Don't bring the cops in there.  We got enough trouble.  Come back when you want to start shooting!"

	But violence will only alienate the rest of the nation.  Non-violence creates bloody martyrs who will shock the workers watching their newscast after dinner.  But how many of them will say the kids deserve it & how many will forget the shock as soon as their favorite show comes on?  
	I'm despondent about the possibilities of non-violence, but if things were pressed to a violent stage the Army would crush all resistance.  
I feel the situation is hopeless, but I’ll spend a year seeing if I can do anything to help the Resistance.

October 20
	Today I got up at 6:45 & went to Oakland. Another demonstration.  
10,000 people there today.  2,000 police.  10 square blocks shut down.  
We walk up Broadway to 14th.  Cops come running down Broadway to chase kids blocking the intersection.  Cops start swinging, we retreat.  People throwing bottles & chunks of concrete.  Cops catch a few, beat them, put one girl in car.  
We block traffic at intersections with bodies, then set up barricades of trashcans, benches, overturned cars.  
	Leaders at intersections with monitors, yelling "Walk!" when the police start chasing us.  But we know the cops won’t be too violent with all the bad publicity they've been getting.  

	Gradually people get tired, sit in middle of street.  Anywhere from 100 to 500 people at each intersection.  At less populated intersections, people just walk slowly back & forth across the street to block traffic.  
Guy screaming defiantly at cop once he gets in the crosswalk.  Cop can’t do anything, because crosswalk is legal.  
	Information confused at the intersections as to whether the National Guard is coming in.
Stupid secretaries hollering out windows: "Look at the big babies!  You cowards!  They wanna be girls instead of boys!"
At one corner 10 cops come walking at us & we walk right back at them.  Cops retreat.
	Vandalism: people tearing out parking meters, guy burning huge draft card, people lighting more fires from its flame.
	Blacks shouting, "Military revolution, the only solution!”
STop The Draft Week

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